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THE BOOK COVER DESIGN PODCAST EPISODE #15: Five Book Cover Design Secrets That I Know


In this episode of The Book Cover Design Podcast I talk about 5 different secrets that I know and have learned as a book cover designer.

You can’t go wrong when things make sense

Your book cover design is the purest reflection of your book. It is the only thing that readers are going to see before they pickup, buy, and read your book. So for starters, begin with the stock images or any illustrations you are going to use on the cover and then move onto the title. Take your time with your book cover design and the process because its important to get it right. For example, when have you ever seen anything that was rushed turn out better then something where the person took their time….you probably haven’t. Also don’t forget to use kdp.amazon.com and createspace.com to get your eBook and print book cover design up on Amazon. Next, don’t forget about the lighting and how your cover looks in a dim or bright environment. And remember, if you can’t settle on a font color, then just go with white since its super versatile.

Thanks for listening to my podcast! If you found this to be informative and learned something from it leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes for more.

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