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I'm a book cover designer
I'm a book cover designer

Hi, I’m Joshua Jadon


I am a 22 year old book cover designer based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In 2013, I dropped out of college to pursue my interest in designing book covers for authors of all different genres, all around the world. I’ve created book covers for people like New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Debra Burroughs, internationally bestselling author Jeff Carlson, New York Times bestselling author Eric Pete, and many others.

What will an eye-catching book cover design do for you? It will catch your readers attention, help you sell more books, and turn your book into a bestseller. If you want me to get started on your book cover design today, click the blue “order” button at the top of my website.

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Contrary to the popular saying…”Don’t judge a book by its cover.”…this is exactly what your readers do.



I design book covers that sell.

Readers are only going to look at your book cover for an average of 2-3 seconds before deciding whether or not they are actually interested in picking up your book or not. This is a perfect opportunity for your book cover to do its job.

Catching your readers attention and selling more books is the name of the game, so that first impression your book cover has on a reader is important. It’s kind of like the first time you see a movie trailer…by the end of it, you’ve most likely already decided whether or not you’re actually interested in seeing the movie. The same applies here with your book cover, you want to gain their interest, and turn them into a reader.

Most people go wrong at this point, publishing books with just mediocre covers that aren’t too professional. Don’t be one of them.

Your book cover design provides your book with a MASSIVE opportunity to stand out on the shelf. So it’s important to get it right.


Your book cover MUST have the WOW factor to win readers attention.

Getting your book out there in the real world successfully and selling is not some far fetched dream. If your taking the self-publishing route, you can do it just like a professional company would, if not better. Your book cover design is the first thing that will make readers pay attention to your book, so make sure it stops them in their tracks.

There are lots of books published both on and offline so it can be hard to get your book noticed if your not too familiar with what to do, this is where having a designer on your team comes in handy.


The first thing readers see is your book cover…so make it count.

You are are in 100% control of how much of an impact your book will have on your readers, starting with the book cover design. A good question to ask yourself is, “Would 1 person be interested in reading your book or will 1 million?”.


According to Google, there are about 130 million books published in the world today.

That’s a lot of books for readers to choose from. The only way to make sure your book is not the needle in the haystack is to get it to stand out way more than the average everyday book would and trust me there is a difference in good looking and eye-catching.

The most successful bestselling authors do it right just by paying attention to each little part of the publishing process. You won’t get anywhere just by thinking about what you want, you need to put those thoughts into play so you can see the results. A bestselling book is created, it doesn’t just happen out of nowhere.

Your book cover design is a key piece to the puzzle period. The only difference between a successful book and an unsuccessful book is if the readers are buying the book or not.


How can you make sure your book is not a needle in the haystack and will actually catch the attention of your readers and sell? 3 words. Book cover design.

So let me help you out! I design eye-catching book covers. That’s my focus and what I do. The covers I create are all meant to catch the attention of your readers nothing less.

My point is….your book cover will either help you become a bestseller or it won’t.

Pick a side.


Why get a book cover designed by me?


✓ Both eBook and print book cover design options available

✓ I do the photo manipulation and custom typography

✓ I design book covers for ALL genres

✓ I will deliver the first concept design in 3-5 days via email

✓ Unlimited revisions are provided until you’re happy

✓ Upload-ready files are included (JPEG & PDF)

✓ NO stock-image fees for photos used on your cover

✓ Interior formatting available

✓ Full rights included

FREE 3D book cover renderings are given as a bonus.

ebook cover design for stronger than the storm min

How Exactly Does My Book Cover Design Process Work?



Fill out my book cover design order form and pay for me begin.


Get a unique eye-catching book cover design created and sent to your e-mail within 3-5 days.

My Work


book cover design for blessed are the weird jacob nordby px
book cover design for the boat house secret px min
book cover design for sonora and the scroll of alexandria min

What Are My Clients Are Saying?

book cover design for the boat house secret deba burroughs min

“Thank you, Joshua. Perfect!”

New York Times Bestselling Author Debra Burroughs of The Boat House Secret, debraburroughsbooks.com
book cover design for blessed are the weird by jacob nordby min

“Oh man… you rock! Thanks for everything, Joshua. I will be delighted to recommend you to my writer students and use you for upcoming projects. I appreciate your work and how responsive you are.”

Author Jacob Nordby of Blessed Are The Weird, blessedaretheweird.com
book cover design for travis halls sonora books min

“Thanks again Josh! I definitely like how it turned out. I can’t wait to start on the next one. Looks really good! Nice work! Thanks Josh.”

Author Travis Hall of the Sonora Series, sonoraseries.com
book cover design for when everyone leads everyone wins big joe stout min

“Nice work! I really like this look…very professional!”

Author Big Joe Stout of When Everyone Leads Everyone Wins, bigjoestout.com
book cover design for hostage to myself j paul nadeau min

“Before entrusting Joshua Jadon to design the right book cover for me, I researched my choices extensively. Joshua’s website promises and showcase of exceptional book covers helped me reach a decision and I’m happy to say that he delivered on each of the claims he lists on his website. I’m extremely pleased I went with him. The result? A professional and catchy book cover – exactly what I had counted on. I highly recommend him for your book cover needs. Thanks Josh. Much appreciated 🙂 Pleasure working with you.”

Author J. Paul Nadeau of Hostage To Myself
book cover design for patricia jetton werewolves through the woods min

“Awesome!! It’s really good and we are extremely happy. perfect! Love the eyes.”

Author Patricia Jetton of Werewolves Through The Portal
book cover design for the church by marie friend min

“Marie loves this version. Thank you… looks like we have a winner!”

Author Jacob Nordby, works with author Marie Friend of The Church
book cover design for prodigal by rektok ross  min

“Josh is a true professional. Got me an amazing product in record speed for a great price. Plus he was incredibly responsive to my requests and input during the process.”

Author Rektok Ross of Prodigal, rektokross.com
book cover design for jeff carlson plague series books min

“Joshua! Your timing is excellent. You are the man! Thank you for the different options. I really appreciate it!!!!!!! Fantastic.”

Internationally Bestselling Author Jeff Carlson of the Plague Series, jverse.com/
book cover design for stronger than the storm by michele laine  min

“Joshua has some seriously mad skills!! He was so patient and receptive, helping me develop my cover concept from the ground up. I started with only a small idea in my mind of what I wanted my cover to look like and he brought it to life!! His eye catching style is vibrant and demands attention. So happy I chose Joshua Jadon designs!!”

Author Michele Laine of Stronger Than The Storm, innerstrengthandbeauty.com
book cover design for the o syndrome by author theresa m robinson edited min

“Josh did a fabulous job translating my vision into a tangible concept. The finished product is spot-on and reflects his talent and passion for his craft. I could not be more happy with the book cover he created and would not hesitate using him again for my next book.”

Author Theresa M. Robinson of The O-Syndrome, mastertrainertmr.com
book cover designs for michael e willis min

“Apart from the high quality of Josh’s design work, there are two outstanding advantages in working with him speed of delivery and flexibility in adapting work to a client’s wishes.”

Author Michael E. Wills of One Decent Thing & Children of the Chieftain Series, michaelwills.eu
book cover design for dreams are built overnight editor monica goings min

“Joshua is an amazing talent and an exceptional visual designer! He created for us the perfect book cover and kept great communication with us and was always willing to help. Hiring Joshua to design our cover with the best decision we made.”

Editor Monica Goings, works with David Shands Author of Dreams Are Built Overnight, sleepis4suckers.com
book cover designs for james l drone silence within the storm min

“I highly recommend Joshua if you are looking for a book cover artist. He is very professional and an expert in his field. Joshua corresponded with us answering our many questions before we completed the book and when we were ready for him to design the cover, he nailed it on the first proof. We were blown away with his presentation, the quality of the artwork, composition and the quick turnaround! He is great to work with, very ethical and a brilliant artist.”

Kim Miller works with James L. Drone Author of Silence Within The Storm, jamesldrone.com
book cover designs for lance mikkel refocus on happiness min

“Joshua was a pleasure to work with. This is my first ebook, so it was great to have the help of someone who was very patient with me. Also loved that he was timely, turnaround time was lightning fast! Nice to deal with someone in this industry who exceeded my expectations going above and beyond!”

Author Lance Mikkel of Refocus On Happiness
book cover design for you are what you think by betsy otterthompson min

“Joshua did a fabulous job creating my book cover. He made sure I got what I wanted and responded quickly to my request.”

Author Betsy Otter Thompson of You Are What You Think – Make Your Thoughts Delicious, betsythompson.com
book cover design for pandemonia by serena gulledge min

“If you need a professional, high quality cover from someone with an eye for detail and a willingness to go above and beyond, then I cannot recommend Joshua Jadon enough. I am thrilled with his cover design for my contemporary paranormal book. It captured the tone beautifully!”

Author Serena Gulledge of Pandemonia
book cover design for feliche ranger kingstinct min

“If your looking for an amazing book cover designer, we’ll look no further. Joshua Jadon is a trailblazer in his profession. He’s quite the professional and he never hesitates to meet the needs and concerns of his clients. Unlimited revisions, wow! He communicates every step of the way. Let Joshua Jadon design your book cover today. You won’t regret it!”

Author Feliche Ranger of Kingstinct, felicheranger.com
book cover design for dawn of the day of the lord david martin min

“Since this is my first book I wanted to do everything as right as humanly possible, which meant getting a professional editor and book cover design, and I am sure glad I did. The first impression of my book is its cover and what a cover it is, Joshua did a great job. From my first email of introduction, Joshua has been a pleasure to work with, his easy going style and artistic flair has made this experience a joy. If and when I write another book I will not hesitate to contact Joshua to design my book cover and I highly recommend him to other authors because of his professionalism and artwork.”

Author David Martin of Dawn Of The Day Of The Lord
book cover design for redheads and bedspreads by kyle milligan min

“Josh was very prompt and responsive while we worked on the cover for Redheads and Bedspreads. He took a vague idea and brought it to life beautifully. Most importantly, he persevered through my myriad requests to try different colors, placements, and designs until we nailed down exactly what I wanted.”

Author Kyle Milligan of Redheads and Bedspreads
book cover design for author adam aust a glitch in the system min

“I can’t recommend Joshua Jadon highly enough. He took my initial vision for the cover, made it better, and delivered a stunning final product in a matter of days. Joshua is the consummate professional.”

Author Adam Aust of A Glitch In The System, adamaust.com
book cover design for josphine elizaga penchant for darkness min

“With two short paragraphs describing the plot and main characters, Joshua created a cover that succinctly captured my story. I liked the symbolism of the two doors. Within a few days, he had the first draft made. And he remained professional in his communications with me. Thank you for a great cover design!”

Author J. Elizaga of Penchant For Darkness
book cover design for to handcuff lightning sharon kd hoskins min

“Perfect cover. Quick, professional turnaround. Highly recommend.”

Author Sharon Hoskins of To Handcuff Lightning, sharonkdhoskins.com
book cover designs for the lady in blue by kimberly g min

“I bought a book cover design from Joshua, which was, by far, the nicest I have ever seen and it fit my book’s premise perfectly. I still get compliments on that cover.”

Author Kimberly G. Giarratano of The Lady In Blue, kimberlyggiarratano.com
book cover design for melanie hatfield blades of blood min

“The quality of Joshua’s art gives my books that special wow factor. I’m always delighted by what he creates for me.”

Author Melanie Hatfield of The Chronicles of Turrack Series, melaniehatfield.com
book cover design for through the test of time by d angel min

“Working with Josh was awesome! He is a true professional that is patient and he definitely sticks to his mission statement. I was shocked that he really did have a rough draft ready for me to see in less than 48hrs. And that draft went on to become my cover with only a few minor changes. I look forward to working with him again real soon.”

Author D. Angel of Through The Test of Time
book cover design for john ellsworth books min

“You know, I bookmarked your site over two years ago and I thought someday I’m going to try him. Boy, what a great save, because you’ve hit it out of the park with this cover. I am so greatly impressed.”

Author John Ellsworth of Thaddeus Murfee Series, ellsworthbooks.com
book cover design for no spoken truth min

“Josh is a true professional, he did amazing job with my book cover, if anybody is considering hiring someone to do a book cover, Josh is the man for it, trust me you won’t be disappointed, Thank You Josh.”

Author Mcgregory Frederique of The Spoken Truth
book cover design for four appleheads beverly phillips min

“As a first-time author, I admit I was skeptical when I visited Joshua’s website for the first time. He made it all seem so easy. Well, it was! The whole process was completely painless, and Joshua made sure I was 100% happy with the results. His response time was phenomenal. Joshua created a fantastic cover design, and I will definitely work with him again!”

Author Beverly Phillips of Four Appleheads
book cover design for bianca williams sidelined series min

“As a first-time author, I admit I was skeptical when I visited Joshua’s website for the first time. He made it all seem so easy. Well, it was! The whole process was completely painless, and Joshua made sure I was 100% happy with the results. His response time was phenomenal. Joshua created a fantastic cover design, and I will definitely work with him again!”

Author Bianca Williams of The Sidelined Series, bwillbooks.com
book cover design for camille mckenzie speak life min

“Josh is amazing! His method of designing book covers is professional, quick and well done! If you are looking for a great book cover designer look no further than Joshua Jadon!” You won’t be disappointed!”

Author Camille McKenzie of Speak Life
book cover design for choosing faith over fear by carlisha williams min

“Thanks so much! It’s so amazing to see this come to life. 🙂 I really like your work!”

Author Carlisha Williams of Choosing Faith Over Fear, carlisha.com
book cover design for cowboy away by carly kade min

“Thank you! This is perfect. I absolutely love the cover! I appreciate you! Looks great!”

Author Carly Kade of Cowboy Away, carlykadecreative.com
book cover design for no more  chad thompson min

“You’re a freakin magician!!! Everything looks great!!”

Editor Monica Goings, works with Chad Thompson author of No More 925, nomore925please.net
book cover design for ese gran amanecer clare mcneil min

“I love the cover its great, just what im looking for. Thank you.”

Author Clare McNeil of Ese Gran Amanecer
book cover design for teslas secret papers by dan sizemore min

“Joshua gave me exactly what I was looking for with my book cover and helped with several revisions. He definitely gave my cover the “wow” factor!  Thanks Joshua!”

Author Dan Sizemore of Telsa's Secret Papers, dansizemore.com
book cover design for lisa cassidy books min

“Thanks, Joshua! It looks fantastic! You’ve done an amazing job. Cheers, and thanks again for all your work.”

Author Lisa Cassidy of Dark Skull Hall & Taliath, lcasswrites.com
book cover design for author living on earth by author roser seggara min

“Thank you Joshua! I appreciate all your patience! The kindle cover looks great.”

Author Roser Segerra of Living On Earth
book cover design for dangeous secrets by melanie paige min

“I am so glad I chose Joshua to make the cover for my latest book. It turned out a lot better than I had imagined! I’m definitely choosing him again for future books.”

Author Melanie Paige of Dangerous Secrets, melanie-paige-author.site123.me
book cover design for bowtie jeremiah woods min

“You’re awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love it! Thank you!”

Editor Monica Goings, works with Jeremiah Woods author of B.O.W.T.I.E., brotherstiedforlife.net
book cover design for the blue ice topaz min

“Joshua, thanks! It looks great.”

Author John Howard Jr. of The Blue Ice Topaz
book cover design for sugarland by martha conway min

“Thank you again for designing the new cover for the kindle edition of my novel, Sugarland. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it.”

Author Martha Conway of Sugarland, marthaconway.com
book cover designs for michael destefano min

“Thank you again for designing the new cover for the kindle edition of my novel, Sugarland. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it.”

Author Michael Destefano of The Composer's Legacy and The Old Corsair, librettipress.com/books
book cover designs for underground mumurs tim jopling min

“Thanks Josh, really appreciate all your work. That looks great! That’s what I was aiming for.”

Author Tim Jopling of Underground Mumurs, timjopling.com
book cover design for counterfeit dreams sasha ravae min

“This was my first time working with Josh, but I can say it definitely won’t be my last! His skill and professionalism are unmatched, and he truly means it when he says the job’s not done until you’re 100% satisfied. I now recommend him to anyone looking for design work because I am so thankful that he was able to make my vision vividly come to life. Thanks, Josh!”

Author Sasha Ravae of Counterfeit Dreams Series and Trap Goddess, blackedenpublications.com
book cover design for douglas mcload erban whispers min

“Dude…..need I say more? I love it Thanks again, it looks fantastic.”

Author Douglas McLoed of Erban Whispers
book cover design for eric petes book a cold hard truth min

“Such an enjoyable experience! Joshua not only met my expectations, they exceeded them. Joshua’s quality, attention to detail and overall knack when it comes to creating the perfect book cover can’t be touched.”

New York Times Bestselling Author Eric Pete of A Cold Hard Truth, ericpete.com
book cover design for together forever by jade whitfield min

“I LOVE IT!!! i love love love it! Its so perfect. Thank you so much!”

Author Jade Whitfield of Together Forever
book cover design for jc steel series min

“I was absolutely stunned by Josh’s ability to take a brief description of my book and turn it into a very slick and professional cover. The imagery is perfect, the overall design looks amazing, and the customer service is outstanding. I’ll definitely be back when the rest of the series needs covers – thank you, Josh!”

Author JC Steel of Through The Hostage, Fighting Shadows, and Elemental Affinity, jcsteelauthor.com

Choose a package



  • Get an eye-catching eBook cover designed that will turn your book into a bestseller. (front cover only)


  • Get an eye-catching eBook and print book cover designed that will turn your book into a bestseller. (front, spine, and back cover)

Where do I get the images I use for book covers?


What does interior formatting include?

    • Clickable table of contents with active weblinks
    • Formatting of title and copyright pages
    • Professional design and layout of each page, with correct title, paragraph and text (by applied style)
    • Correct page breaks
    • Tested and upload-ready book files (.docx, .azw3 .epub and .mobi)
    • And I’ll add any images you have to the inside of your book if you needed (as long as you tell me where and what)

What do the 3D renderings look like that I give out for FREE with orders?

percent satisfaction guaranteed gold min

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

My 100% customer satisfaction guarantee works like this, if for some reason you are not happy with the design I have created for you then I will go ahead and provide you with unlimited revisions until you’re completely happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does getting a book cover designed by me work?

First, you have to choose a book cover design package that I offer, fill out my book cover order form accurately, and then pay for me to get started on your book cover design. Then after 3-5 days, a concept book cover will then be sent to you via email to review. Once your book cover design is completed I will then send you your final JPEG & PDF cover files along with a few 3D book cover renderings that can be used on your website, for promotion, or wherever else.

What payment forms do I accept?

I accept all payment forms via Paypal. You don’t need to sign up.

What’s my schedule like?

Always ready to design another book cover.

Why do I have my clients fill out my cover design order form?

It helps me gather the necessary and relevant information I need to create book cover designs without having to read through the whole book. Also, it ask for information like your book title, subtitle, author name, page count, dimensions, your vision of the book cover, colors, etc. since I will need those to, depending on if your ordering a print or ebook cover.

Should you order just a eBook cover design or a print & eBook book cover design?

It’s up to you as the author, most of my clients purchase both in order to make sure they cover all playing fields.

Should you have an author picture on the back cover of your book?

Some books fit having an author picture and some don’t, it’s completely up to you.

What are the FREE 3D renderings you mentioned?

With every book cover design order I get I always make sure to create my clients a few FREE 3D book cover renderings that can be used for promotion, on social media, on websites, or wherever else. In simple terms, they are just eye-catching images to beautifully display print and eBooks in their digital form without having to use a camera to take pictures.

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