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Know And Apply These 9 Things To Make Your Book Cover Design Turn Out AMAZING


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Readers and book enthusiasts in most of the cases while choosing or buying a book, consciously or unconsciously, pick up the books which catch their attention. The cover design of the book along its title plays a very important part in making the book a success. Readers instantaneously get attracted to the books with great book covers. Books with unique and attractive book covers stand out among other books in the same genre.

Following are some publication secrets which have helped authors to create some pretty amazing books.

Book cover designs should be appropriate to the writing genre

Writing book and deciding its book cover needs consideration of the genre in which you as an author are writing in. Book covers which are not appropriate with the genre of the story written will mislead the interested buyers of the book guaranteed . This can lead to negative marketing and loss of potential revenue. Book covers which justify the genre of subject written fascinate the readers because they instantly can connect with it and already know what the book will feel like if they read it just by looking at it.

The design and layout of the book should be aimed toward readers

When self-publishing your book, while getting your cover design you should think what your target audiences would like and be attracted to. The book covers designed and printed on your book should match up with a specific audience. Depending on the genre of your book written, the colors and the layout should be chosen to go along with it. If you’re not sure what books in your genre look like just Google it.

For instance, books with dark monochromic colors and great contrasts are perfect for suspense/thriller genres or intense subjects. Colorful and catchy book cover images work the best for kids’ books. Any book which is written with ladies as their target audiences should have feminine colors as somewhere in the cover design.

The title should be legible on both the eBook and print book

You are sure to grab the attention of your future readers if the title of your book is clear and eye-catching. Color contrast between the background and font used should be distinctive and correlate. The title should be clear and readable from a distance and for making a good impact it is better to avoid any type of fanciful and unreadable fonts/texts.

While publishing ebooks authors should also keep in mind that the title text fits the book cover properly even in its thumbnail image since the ratio will stay the same as the full sized version of your cover.

Unique book cover designs make amazing book covers

While searching for images to fit appropriately your content you should avoid copyrighted images as they can lead to legal trouble. Also avoid clip arts and image templates as they show your lack of creativity unless you can incorporate some photo-manipulation to make the images appear like a brand new one.

Random downloaded images do not bring uniqueness to your cover designs. It is always best to stick to one specific symbol or image as they make your book cover intriguing to your target readers. Plus the image is also importance because the designer will use the image as a reflective point for all other elements on the cover during the design process.

Illustration should be proper

Illustrated images make amazing book covers. They immediately fascinate the readers as they trigger their imaginations. In many a case they attract the readers more than the title of the book. People get attracted to visual images faster than the written text or title, that’s just a part of the game. But your illustrated images should be proper, professional, and not misleading. You could use a glimpse of a scene from your story as a book cover illustration image. Illustrated images with little excerpts of the book make great and attractive book covers.

Do not use cliché words while thinking of a title

Using cliché words do not help in the success of the book in anyway. As writer you might want to use similar or too often used words in your title as you might think it will be familiar among your readers and lead to your book’s success. But this is not the case, readers do not mind common words but they do mind cliché words. They think the book with similar title might have similar content too so make sure you title is a one of a kind.

Before zeroing down on one design, compare a few versions of the desig

Publishing books is a long creative process. It takes up a lot of your time and energy. But in order to make your book a success you should pay full attention to its book cover. As an author you might have a few book cover ideas floating around in your mind. For making an amazing book cover you should take this ideas and use them. If all it takes is explaining to your vision to your designer then you have no reason for excuses because you can literally get exactly what you want and have in mind for your book cover. It might take a few rounds of revisions to get your perfect book cover so compare them and select which one you like the best.

Create a design out of the idea

Just holding an idea in your mind about how you want your book cover to be will not help. You have to create something out of it so it becomes real. In self-publishing you can take the advice and criticisms of your friends and literary peers to help you along the way. And remember don’t take what people say about your book cover to harshly, it should just be regarded as a critiquing to help you.

Be open to constructive criticism

You as a writer must be very attached and protective about your work as you have invested all your time and energy to the project but don’t not get fixated with your one idea. Be open to constructive criticism and make the necessary changes based off of what people are saying about your book and the way it looks. Constructive criticism helps in your literary growth in all areas. It helps you to write amazingly and come up with a overall fantastic book cover. A professional author combined with a professional designer have the ability to turn a book into an extraordinary piece of literature.

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