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THE BOOK COVER DESIGN PODCAST EPISODE #21: Book Cover Design Like Tom Cruise


In this episode of The Book Cover Design Podcast I talk about how your book and the cover really do add up to what you put into them. Tom Cruise is a great actor in my opinion and I’d have to say one of my favorites if you asked but what makes him so good? He understands the process of sticking to something and getting better at it. From his older movies like Top Gun all the way to the newer ones hes been in, like Oblivion, Edge Of Tomorrow, and The Mummy, all show you that when you are where you are suppose to be and doing what you’re suppose to be doing you can you can create something great.

Be the thing

Whatever it is you want to achieve or do in your life you have to be there doing it period. It wont happen any other way. If you want a high-quality book cover design, then you or someone else has to put the work into creating one. If you want a good story, then you have to write it. If you want to make a website, then you have to get one designed or do it yourself. So make the decision today and move towards whatever it is you want to be. Take one step at a time, be patient, learn, get better, and I promise you will get to your goals. Tom Cruise clearly has put his 10,000 hours in, so what’s stopping you?

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