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THE BOOK COVER DESIGN PODCAST EPISODE #17: Why Authors Actually Need Book Cover Designers


In this episode of The Book Cover Design Podcast I go over the real reasons why authors need book cover designers along side them during their journeys publishing books.

Leverage their ability

It’s as simple as this, if you need something done and you can’t do it. Hire someone. As a book cover designer myself all of my experience goes back into each cover I create. There is not a day that goes by where I am not constantly striving to get better at what I do. This is what the real work looks like. If you’ve written a book before or are writing one now then you know, the only time you move forward is when you work the process. The better you can work and do your process the the better the turnout of the book will be. It’s like any good work of art. It’s going to take some time but when it’s complete trust me, it will be complete. And you can walk away smiling with a eye-catching book cover of your own to go with what you’ve written.

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