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Take Advantage Of Your Book Cover Design – Read These 9 Tips


Win with the combo

Creating good book covers is as important as writing a good story. A combination of well-designed book covers and a well thought out concept of what are the key factors are the steps for making your book a great success. Book cover design is the first thing which pulls in the readers towards your book. Therefore it is very important that you pay good attention to its designing. You can either hire a professional to get your book cover designed or take on the job yourself.

Following are nine important tips for creating an effective design for book covers:

1. The book cover design should be genre specific

Your book cover design should not be any random design but should justify your genre of writing. As a writer you should never mislead your target readers. You should design your book cover keeping the concept of your story in mind. If the book written by you belongs to the suspense or thriller genre then you should use dark intriguing colors and themes. For designing your book covers accurately you can refer to other book covers that are bestsellers in your genre of writing.

Genre specific book designs help you connect with your niche readers immediately. Book covers are the first thing which draws the readers towards a book. Special attention should be paid when it comes to designing it.

2. Designing the front and back cover of a book together saves money

In self-publishing books along with the frontal design of a book cover, you as an author of the book should also pay attention on the back cover designing of the book. Many self-publishers avoid designing the back cover as they publish their books in ebook format in the beginning. But you should design the back cover because:

  • Designing both front and back covers together brings continuity to the design.
  • It saves you money as you do not have to pay extra later to get your back cover done.
  • The back cover designing is an immediate requirement for publishing your book in print.

3. Hook you readers with a great hook line

No one reads the book before buying, they check the title, images, color patterns and the design of the book covers before buying the book. The back cover of the book is equally important as the front cover. You should put emphasis on your back cover designing of the book. You can add valid testimonials about your book on your back cover. You can also write an excerpt of your book on the back cover. The excerpt hooks the readers and is known as a hook line. If the readers enjoy what they read in those few lines then they buy the book.

4. The right graphics and typography sells

Designing the book cover should be eye-catching but should not be overly flashy. Readers will get attracted towards your book if your book cover is visually appealing. Graphics are the first thing which the readers notice about your book or if your title is big they might see that first. You should use beautiful pictures for making the cover stand out among other books. There should not be any editing mistakes and the typography used should be relevant and correct to the genre of writing.

5. Design your book cover according to the ebook format requirements

Most of the independent writers self-publish their own booksThe easiest way to do so is through the electronic format with a publishing network like kdp also known as kindle direct publishing. This type of publishing is called electronic publishing. Readers prefer buying ebooks as they can read these books on their phones or electronic reader devices. And whats nice is phones have the ability to be ebooks that are easy to carried in your pocket. While designing book covers, you have to keep in mind that the image size should fit into the requirements of the suited electronic version. The nice thing is the size of the picture will stay the same as it is fluidly resized between different devices. The book cover should look good in its thumbnail size and so it can be easily read.

6. A good catchy book title enhances the book

Book cover designs gets well-highlighted with good titles. You as an author should think of a good title which will raise the curiosity of your readers. The title should not be to lengthy and should sound good to the tongue.

7. Keep the focus intact while using the right colors

The book cover should not have a stuffy feeling, too much detailing can spoil the book cover. Use only one or two images on your book cover so that they become the focal point of the book.

Usage of right color combination is a must for making the book cover attractive. Readers do not like monochromatic book covers nor do they like cheap looking book covers. The right balance of color is important for making your book score high on the best-seller charts.

8. The font used be clear and simple

Book cover design which uses a clear legible font style attracts the readers more than unreadable decorative fonts. Book covers with simple fonts usually have a greater advantage than the books with complicated font styles because of complicity. Not saying a book can’t be pulled out with complex effects, it’s just a matter of how it’s done. I mean take a look at the best sellers all of the internet and get some ideas if you need to. Don’t over complicate things. The title of the book should be written clear so that the readers can read the name clearly from standing distance.

9. Professionals give the book a professional look

Writing books and designing book covers are not the same thing. You may be a good author and a writer but this doesn’t make you a good designer. In such cases it is always advisable to take the help of someone with experience. Someone that is certified and trained in the field of designing book covers.

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