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Master the art of book cover design with these 9 key things


I’ts just the way things work in your favor

Books with good book cover designs catch the eyes of readers more often than the ones without them. Good graphics, high resolution images and simple, clear and bold fonts make good book covers. Book cover designing is a very important aspect of book marketing. Cover designs are the first thing that attracts readers.

1. Book cover designs should please its target readers

Book cover designs are the best marketing tool for selling your book. The better the book covers are the better are the chances the book will hold the attention of the interested readers. The book covers should be eye-catchy but it should not be loud and flashy. The design of the book cover should be justifiable to your genre of writing and to your target audiences. You should use images and symbols which is in sync with your story. You should not use misleading book cover designs as it can lead to a negative impact on your book.

2. Color, font and text size matters

You as writer should pay special attention to the font style that you are using to write your book. The text size and gap of your chapters should be the same. While designing the cover you should pay attention to the size of the text as it should not be too small or too big. The text of the title should be bold and big. Usage of fancy, informal and unreadable font style in your book cover affects the readership of your book. In order to gain mastery over book cover designs always use appropriate font styles.

The color scheme plays an important role in increasing readership also. You should remember to use two to three colors.

3. Bold clear titles work the best

Title of the book is the first thing that the readers notice. It is very important to have clear bold and good size titles. Try avoiding cliché words in your title as those words can mislead your interested readers. They might think as the words of the title are similar the story of your book too will be similar to other books. It is good to take inspiration but it’s better to use your own creativity.

The title should be written in such a manner that it catches the attention of the readers from a distance. The title should be written in clear simple font styles.

4. Always create focal point

Creating good designs for book covers is all about paying attention to the detail. Single images or a maximum of two images used for cover designs make impactful covers. The attention of the readers does not get diverted and they get hooked to the image used. This helps in imprinting the image in their mind. This leads to good book sales. The image or symbol used acts as the point of focus.

5. Ebook dimensions and thumbnail size are important

Many self-publishing authors publish their books in the electronic format in the beginning. With the growth of internet and digital electronic media, readership too has changed. More and more people opt for electronic books these days. There are many major online sites too which sells books both ebooks and paperbacks that aren’t even very old.

While publishing ebooks the dimensions of the book should always be taken into consideration. The book should fit the screen space of the reading device it is on so don’t forget you need to cross check the thumbnail image of the book cover as it is the preview image of the book.

6. Use non copyrighted high resolution images in publishing

No one likes getting caught up in legal hassles. Similarly in self-publishing you have to take care not to use any copyrighted image without the knowledge of the photographer. Doing so can lead to a copyright infringement lawsuit and money coming out of your pocket.

Essentially the image used for covers should have uniqueness for making it a good cover design. Compelling images highly impacts the mind of the reader. High resolution images with the right amount of pixels should bring clarity to the cover not take away from it.

7. Create symbols or illustrations for visual impact

Creating a visual impact is a necessity for attracting the attention of new readers. It is easier to attract the attention of the readers with a good picture then a bad one. Using illustrated images such as depiction of a scene or character appeals to the readers more. You can also add little dialogues or excerpts to the illustrated image to make the cover look interesting. Similarly symbolic images in book covers related to the content of the story might spike curiosity among the readers.

8. In self-publishing follow the rules of designing

– In the world of publishing you should follow all the rules of book cover designing in order to etch your book’s mark on the minds of the readers.
– You should keep consistency in your text style
– You should have all legalized documents needed for publishing
– Use royalty free images, in case of copyrighted images, follow the legal procedure of procurement
– Copyright your texts and personalized images
– Do not mislead your readers
– Keep clarity in your book cover

9. Research well and get professional help

Strategize your book writing in such a manner that you know what you need to do at each step. Book covers are great marketing strategy. Therefore it is very necessary that you do a lot of research in the field of book cover design in order to find an optimal designer. Check other authors’ books and cover designs in your genre of writing for inspiration. Collaborate with professional graphic designers for creating flawlessly good cover designs. You can hire either freelancers or a professional graphic designer depending on your budget. My focus is to take your idea and turn your iy into a reality.

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