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How To Build a Fortress With Your Book Cover Design


So you’re really looking to get serious with this thing huh? Maybe you want to earn a little more cash or you just want to become a best-selling author, either way with a good looking book cover you can unleash your true potential and be pulling readers in from all directions. Imagine being in the position you are in right now with 10 to 20 jaw-dropping books under your sleeve that are all selling daily. The possibilities are endless if your a writer, whatever comes to your mind you can create with, and when I say create I mean write as many books as you want.

There are authors out there coming out with the new book every month so challenge yourself to get out there and really do this thing for real. Right now, you can start building your book empire and there’s nothing that can get in your way.

If you decide the route that you want to go is just writing e-books then pursue that. Many people find it easier to put the eBooks together these days because it just simply comes down to having a written file that is structured correctly to present your book to your readers and uploading it to a marketplace online.

Here are a few places you can list your eBook at:

·Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
·Barnes and Noble Nook
·Apple iBook Store
·Kobo Writing Life

Keep in mind each network has slightly different standards for uploading your e-book cover design but for the most part they’re all pretty easy if you’re just getting started in self-publishing. So as an author are you really willing to take it up to the next level? When I say building an empire keep in mind I’m referring to you as an individual being the producer of a large quantity of books published under your name. I’ve seen it done with 50 page books and with 350 page books, the amount of words you want to publish is up to you but it can’t be too short.

What’s your game plan?

Too many people fall short when they haven’t even tried or they have tried and just give up too quickly. When you want to get results you got the clear on what it is that you want. If you have to visualize it do that, then take a piece of paper and write down exactly what it is you want to achieve with your book/books.

The last time you got in your car to use GPS you entered your destination first right? Having that exact destination plotted enables you to figure out the path you have to take to get there. The same applies with publishing books, you need to give yourself a direction along with a destination. For one person might be selling 1000 books, for the other person it might be selling 1 million books. You see where I’m coming from, it really starts with you the person behind the book.

So do yourself a favor, when you are ready to publish your book pay attention to how you want to go about getting the book cover design. If you want to use a bit of leverage you can hire someone and save tons of time on your end. This will also allow you to focus your mind on other more important things you need to be doing while finishing up your book.

Don’t limit yourself

With all the available time that we have while we are alive the question comes to my mind, “what makes us as human beings slow down and settle?”. Is it that we become satisfied with our present situation? Is it the TV? Our thoughts? You see with change we can alter the outcome of potential events if we are aware enough. The thing that’s stopping you from doing whatever it is that you want to do in your life is you, what you think is impossible is impossible and what you think is possible is possible.

Somewhere intermingled between all of this is your book that you’ve written, along with your book cover design, and the world around you. So do you get what I’m saying, you’re the author of your life, whatever you decide, will become.

Readers are all over just waiting to hear your message, put the work into the book, and it is guaranteed you’ll see results. When you’re baking a cake you have to get all the ingredients together, mix things up in order, bake it, and finally apply the icing to get the final result. The same applies to you with writing your books, editing it, getting your cover designed, and finally getting it published. It’s a process and once you know the steps it’s easy to do it over and over again to get better and better results. The amount of effort you put into the quality of your book cover design is equivalent to the icing on the cake. If it looks bad you’ll know and if it looks great people will eat it up leaving them want more.

This isn’t rocket science, having good content, and a compelling book cover will give you the upper hand amongst the crowded world of books.

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