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Book Cover Design – The Overview


Book covers aren’t just the display and outer appearance of a book. They conceal within themselves the gist and the zeal of the writing inside the book. For you and many others, flipping the pages and just going through the book cover would be a regular thing to do. But one need to contemplate what is behind the twisted imagery and the letters scribed on the cover. You’ve probably heard “Don’t judge the book by its cover” before, the most commonly used proverb of the 21st century, well…it’s not exactly true.

The significance of good book cover design is evident when the books sell like hot cakes. The overview of book cover design is the key concern of our discussion today.

Draw inspiration from surroundings

Often the stories we speak of and the tales we narrate are a shadow of what goes in our surroundings. We tend to get inspired by the things occurring around us. They may be trivial, but they hide within themselves a sea of truth and lies. For you to design an appealing book cover for your story that resonates with your environment and surroundings around you it must be relevant to your story. You will notice the smallest of the details in nature will guide you to an image and the words floating in the air will help you come up with a theme or name of the book.

Draw insight from your life and the life of others

Things that people often jot down are a reflection of what goes around in their life. The experiences they have, they share in their writing. Their writing and books are about their struggles and life stories. Under such clouds, one can take the insight of what he or she centers their world around. One should look for things in their life that matter the most to them and form them into their ideas. For instance, if penguins are what you find the most fascinating part of your life, then make sure your cover somehow displays that in a creative way. This is what makes a book cover design stand out.

The conception and ideation behind book cover

For any writer, author or publisher the meaning of book cover design isn’t just two fold or simple. The book cover reveals ome of the details issued inside the book. Often the writers go with a literal rendition of the phrases and words, but you can also play along.

The process of ideation for book cover design is based on the following:

  • What message do you want your audience to receive and what message are you delivering?
  • What is the value of your book, the value proposition could be how effective and powerfulit is the genre you have selected
  • Use visual metaphors
  • Emphasize on the emotions used, feelings discussed and thoughts provoked in the book

If you do the above mentioned steps, you will end up with a unique book cover design without any hassle and mess.

Book covers designing tips are the pointers that you should keep in mind so as to portray the right picture of your content.

  • What is the genre of your book
  • Less is more, do not jumble up the words, do not clump up the images
  • Going against the theme would be a tricky, risky, but a foolish move to pursue

Accuracy of the detail in a book cover is very important because only then people understand what your book is about. Convey a little message. A clue is at times necessary to generate a buzz and electricity in the audience. Your cover is the first thing readers see which makes them pay attention to your book. And don’t forget to be open minded when you design. The world is your canvas so gather whatever you want from wherever you desire. Do not just stick to one detail and overlook the other salient features.

If revealing the details of the main character in your book so important to you then do it tastefully without revealing too much of the story. For women oriented book based content, use of a lipstick, purse, silhouette, heels or eyes could be drawn on the cover page. These things speak of the theme and at the same time maintain the spice of the content and story inside. Always leave your audience inquisitive about what is inside with a tad of a hint. Confidence, simplicity and strong headedness are very important for any book cover design. Symbols speak a confined but a confident story of what is inside the book. Keep your book cover simple and you will gain readers if it’s relevant to your story.

Lastly, always look out for the technical details of your book cover. Most people while being too busy contemplating the right design for their cover forget the that the technical stuff like resolution or rights to images. Never miss out on these things. They may sound ineffective or like something you want to skip over, but they do hold significance. Designing a book cover is an art, do it with care and concern because you are about to be judged.

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