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Book Cover Design – Keys To Getting The Best Cover


The book cover design of the books on the shelf is what ultimately attracts you to buy the book. Why wouldn’t it? Some books have exceptionally amazing cover designs that you can’t help but fall in love with. For example, a memorable cover was for the cover of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, with the stiletto that morphed into a pitchfork on the cover. People remember such covers simply because the cover design added to the effect of the book. A great book cover design can attract readers to purchase your copy even if the material within is not all that (not suggesting that you render sub-par material). Let’s take a look at some tips for getting the best possible book cover design to help propel your book up the ranks.

  • Judge your book by its cover: Everyone says you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The problem is, when it comes to books, you definitely should. Your cover design is the first thing that sells you when your book is on the shelf. It is what attracts the readers to pick out your book when there are hundreds of other books on the stand. Some authors have perfected this craft, and that is why you ultimately see that every one of their books is rated as a bestseller. Most times this is due to content, but other times it is down to the fact that every single person that passes through the bookstore is compelled to pick up a copy of the author’s book simply because of how attractive it is.
  • Try to get a designer: Getting another person to design your book cover (a professional of course) helps you gain a chance to see your book the way other people see your book. You may have a particular idea in your head, but the moment you see another book cover design for your book you would realize that the designer’s idea was probably better. This should not be confused with totally abandoning the creative aspect of your book cover. You should still try to be as involved as possible in the process. Express your ideas and views to the book cover designer and try to seekout their opinions also. Together you would be able to come up with a book cover design that not only impresses you, but impresses every single person that picks up your book.
  • Don’t ever copy: As tempting as it seems, you should never copy another author’s book cover. No matter how much you think your graphic design can recreate the picture and make it different, you should never copy a book cover design. This is because, even if it is altered, your book would always subliminally remind readers of something they have seen and probably read before. This is the fastest way to discourage people from reading your book. People always want something new, and if you cannot give them that, then there is a great probability that they would not purchase your book. Always try to create something new and refreshing. This is the quickest way to attract readers.
  • Seek the opinion of other before the final publish: There are just some designs that seem to look good to you but may be terrible to every other person that looks at your book. You should have a trusted team of professionals whom you can show your book and get their professional advice.
  • Do some research: If you want the perfect cover for your book, you must be willing to do some research and check out a lot of covers. This can fill you with inspiration and would ultimately help you decide on what your cover should be. This should not be mistaken with copying. You must never ever copy another author’s cover, but you are free to draw as much inspiration as you can from book covers.
  • Pick up a pen and draw: Feel free to draw and scribble ideas on a sheet of paper. It would help you to get your creative juices flowing. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the best of artists; all you have to do is know exactly what picture your mind is trying to paint. Try to picture where you want the title to go, what figure you want to represent the title and scribble away.
  • Never take anything for granted: Last but definitely not the least, whatever you think that people would not notice might appear more obvious than you think. Never let any errors stay on your book cover design, and your designer shouldn’t convince you that people wouldn’t notice. You quickly spot errors in the design, color and other attributes and change them immediately.

When it comes to book covers, everything matters. Using these tips will help you get the best possible book cover design for your newest release. You don’t have to spend lots of money on a book cover. If you can’t afford a photo shoot then make do without, there are a lot of affordable ways to get a great book cover designed.

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