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Book Cover Design – How To Level Up Your Game


One of the most important exciting and often times overlooked projects is the putting together of the book cover.

What makes this such a complex part of book making is that writers many times don’t understand or really gasp the importance of what the book cover should look like. The book cover is actually the very stepping stone that gives the reader that little brain tap that says “We must have this book”. Many readers will often purchase a book simply because of the covers font or the use of a color scheme that triggered the readers “Must buy alert”.

There really isn’t any wrong way to design a book cover, because its all about expressing your book the best way possible. But there are a few things that you may want to keep in mind.

What message are you sending?

The cover of your book is the very first page that your reader will read and take in, what message is it sending? You don’t want to send the wrong message about what your book is about. That can be considered misleading and often times can back fire on the author.

You can write on a topic without having the cover fully give away the content.

Example 1:  If I was about to write a book about golf I wouldn’t have a black cover with bold white font and a clown. Maybe if I was doing a horror cover but not a golf cover. The same will always apply, you cover design should be related to the subject or genre which you are writing about.

Example 2 :  Crime books normally would have caution tape or body outline with a semi dark looking cover or a simple cop standing their on the front.  So light bright colors with fun and exciting elements including lips, flamingoes , palm trees, etc. would not be your best suited pick.

Your book cover is setting the tone and mood, you are creating a flat form that is welcoming any and all readers.


Go look at different covers. Visit libraries and book stores to get a idea if you need too and don’t be afraid to take chances to explore and be different. It’s okay to take a risk as long as it doesn’t mislead the reader.

Your book cover is advising eye candy readers will look at. It should be able to speak and draw the reader in a point to guide so to speak.

It goes a like this, the reader sees the cover, they want to pick up the book, feel it, look at it, and admire the cover which will then guide them to read the back cover and convenience them to finally purchase your book.

It’s catching their attention that matters and giving them a reason to want to be curious as to why them being the reader should want to not only read but buy this book as well.

Ask yourself this. …

Does my book cover reflect my best work?

Your cover should give a idea of what your book is about. It doesn’t have to be flashy but it should gripping enough to the attention of the reader based on whatever your subject is.

You being the writer also have the mind of a reader so try putting yourself in their shoes.

What makes a book appealing to you?

What drew you to it, was it the cover?

What about it, was it the color, the font .. what made you say.

Yes, I would like to purchase this book.

With these questions in mind, you now have a responsibility to make the future reader of your book wonder and question the same thing.

Tell the story… your story.

When its all said and done. Your book cover should give the reader a glimpse into the story you’ve wrote. It should make the reader feel and understand the book while giving them a sneak peek into what you have written. Have fun with it and expand your sense of thinking way outside the box but keep in mind that often times. A simple cover is just as good if done right.

Be confident

Your book is a reflection of you.

The same detail you put into the style and order and editing of your book is the same attention to detail that needs to be applied to your book cover. And don’t forget the back… This is the most important .

This is a chance for you to give the reader your best sales pitch.

Its your way of saying .. “ Hey, this is why you need this book in your life”

Highlight without giving away the whole story. When you are confident in your work, your readers will be confident in your ability to deliver great books as well as great stories.

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