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Book Cover Design: 10 Things to Include on Your Checklist


Authors are turning more and more to self-publishing their books. This gives a more overall percentage to those artists that are just starting out in the business. When you do decide to take the plunge and publish your book, book cover design will most definitely help you sell more. Readers mostly do choose their books by their covers.

Here is a checklist of some items that you have to make sure not to forget about:

1.   The title and author name can be changed later if necessary so do not stress out too much about it and think long and hard about the name.

2.   The cover must express a frame of mind that the author wants to portray. The frame of mind must match the books genre so that it can be readily associated.

3.   Consider whether you want an illustrated cover or a photo that has been manipulated.

4.   What genre is your book going to be? This has to clear and concise or less you risk confusing the reader.

5.   The dimensions you want the book to be. It can be 5×8,5.5×8.5,6×9, or if you are also doing an eBook version 1563×2500 is what you should set the size to.

6.   What company will you be going through to publish your book? There are many online companies similar to online album production for you to pick. Do your research first and find the right one for your book.

7.   Also, look at the designer’s profiles from their publishing sites. Seeing their past work will help sway you. Each one will have their style whether it be sweet and innocent or dark and scary.

8.   One of the most important things on this checklist is the budget. Once you have narrowed down to two websites, it is time to sit down and get your budget in order. The most common range for book covers is $200-$1000 for eBook and $500-$2000

9.   Make a deadline for yourself. It is better to have one before you start so that you will stick to a schedule making it harder for you to procrastinate.

10. Bring your personal vision of what you see your book cover looking like to the designer you choose.  It is your book, and you have a say on the designs that are to be presented.  Work together with your designer to come to a middle ground of the project.

Whatever online company you choose make sure you are happy with the final results of saying yes to the cover picture. Do not make it too cluttered and stick to simple and bold. The right font will help the reader understand more about the story and will hint to the mystery of it.  Many famous writers started their careers self-publishing for example E. L. James and his breakthrough novel Fifty Shades of GreyShe released early versions of this story for fan fiction websites and published it as a print on demand book. With the print on demand idea, the story went viral very fast and had gone on to be a bestseller. Remember, take your time deciding the publisher and designer that are right for you. Do not rush it.

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