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A Few More Tips For Book Cover Design Success


People love colors

When buying a book too this factor affects a lot of the impact your book will have. The colors you add to the cover design must be selected with care. Adding a lot of colors to the cover is not a wise decision. Maximum of three or four contrasting colors would be ideal to a cover. The tone of the book is another factor to focus on when selecting colors to the cover. If the writer’s tone is compassionate, a certain aura of colors might fit specifically for it. Usually, bright colors are associated with cheer, happiness, enthusiasm, liveliness etc. So again your cover designer must have good background knowledge about color.


Have a thoughtful plan before attempting the creation of your book cover. Pictures, genre, content, etc. are a few key factors that must be understood when designing the cover. Adding a lot of imagery could potentially make your book cover a mess. So, plan everything beforehand, then you’re not guessing.

Get creative

Creativity is reckoned as an imperative factor when designing a good cover design that attracts the readers at large and ultimately sells your book. And keep this in mind, you must not design your book cover like everyone elses, this is what makes yours a one of a kind out of millions and millions of books. Be creative a bit. Creative designs will grab the reader’s attention. There may be a lot of buyers just waiting to purchase a book just like yours. Remember, if your book cover is an eye catching, creative one, it will be a good seller.

Who’s your audience?

You must concentrate on the readership too. The cover design must go with the readership. For instance, if the book is aimed at a youthful audience, the cover design must be an energetic, vital, enthusiastic one. But, if it is meant for senior citizens or the middle aged, it must be changed to suit them. When you design a cover to a children’s book, the entire creation must be focused to go with the children’s age, gender, type of the story, etc. When designing a cover for a book meant for women, it must be appealing to their interests and desires. Likewise, the covers look will vary according to the audience addressed by the book.

White space

Another thing is, white space on the cover can be good. Although some people prefer colorful designs, white space in the cover may suggest something novel and the design could be done creatively in an uncommon way. Even if you use bright colors, make use of open space in order to break the monotony. That will give the book a special significance which is capable of cutting a good figure among the other books. But, using white space must be done carefully not to exceed the limit, because too much whiteness in a book cover will make it boring to the readers.

Be responsible

Be aware of your responsibility as an author.  What the readers first see in a book is not its content, but the cover design. So, it’s the responsibility of the cover designer to make it an appealing product to the readers. It’s nothing but the creativity, dedication and understanding combined that make a good book cover. There are three people who bear the responsibility of a book until it goes to the readers; author, publisher, and the cover designer. Be bound to your duty and do the best on your part to make your book a best-seller.

Looking through these websites can give you a good baseline to go by when you are hunting for your designer. If the covers in their portfolio look anything like what’s on these websites it’s a good idea to steer clear of them altogether.

Notice one thing I didn’t really talk about here is pricing. A designer can set any price they want for their work. While good designers are, inevitably, going to come with a higher price tag the reverse is not always true. A high price tag doesn’t always mean a good designer.

Remember, designers are people too, many of them make a living, feed their families and pay their bills from the freelance work they do. If they are good, and you recognize they are good, don’t try to lowball them with a ridiculous offer. An established designer that knows the business and has experience isn’t going to sell themselves to the lowest bidder. Odds are if they are that good and well established, they have plenty of work to keep them busy. They understand the value of their time and have clients willing to pay them their price so they can afford not to take every single person on.

In the end, just make sure your cover is a good one by hiring a good designer.

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