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9 Ways Book Cover Design Can Make Your Self-published Book Invincible


Get to the root of the problem

Often times I used to ask myself why many books seem to lack marketability, despite the amazing content packed in them. I found out much later that it is not only I who has longed to find answers to the troubling question of why some well written books don’t stand the test of conflicting competition at the book market.

I was surprised to find out that the invincibility of published books as often wanted desired by Publishers or writers began from the type of impression their book cover design is able to create on their audience market. The best way to cause your published book the doom or havoc of losing invincibility is having a bad or unappealing back cover design. However, a good book cover design is capable of making a huge difference not only to how your book is perceived by your intended market audience but rather and further helps to boost popular acceptance in the general market.

Here are some ways book cover design can make your published book invincible.

1. Ability to create irresistible attractions

The truth is, the “don’t judge a book by its cover” saying wouldn’t have come to light if it was never truth. Don’t forget also that first impression of anything is said to linger long in the memory. What this is sending home is simple enough; create a book cover design that is capable of arresting the interest of your audience. In other words, if your published work is able to first create a standout impression via the book cover, then a step towards market invincibility has been surpassed.

2. Ability to tell the class of your book

This is equally as important as the first when it comes to ensuring that your published book is undefeatable by works of other authors at the audience market. Fortunately or otherwise, people don’t always get to read your books sometimes before they are able to identify with it. In most cases as is an experiential attestation, it is the class of a book that consumers identify with it. Apart from your book standing out from other competing books on the shelf as mentioned in one above, the book cover design also be able to give your readers high hopes that high quality is in the content they are about to read. I don’t know how to tell you this but in a larger way, it is a step away from creating an apprehensive attraction. In other words, when a reader or buyer lay hold of a copy of your work in their hands, they should be able to have this feeling of “Yes, I want this book.” Once your cover design is able to achieve this, then, rest assured that that book will have great and highly intimidating orders.

3. Ability to give a positive insight of thought

The title of the book including how it is crafted as well as other things on the book cover design have give some amount of good insight on what the book is all about. If this quality isn’t lacking, orders and consumption will be high.

4. Ability to make book content easy to read

This is a factor that boils down to the complexity of the title and design on the book cover. Most often than not, readers shy away from books which have very complex cover designs and title. A simple title and not very complex design is suggestive of a book that is easy to read. Your audience has too much choice of books to peruse or watch out for. So, they hardy have ample time to spend trying to rack their head on what your title means. An interesting and easy to decode book cover design is good for the marketability of your book.

5. Ability to have title consummate images

This is yet another way to make your published book invincible. If the cover image(s) have this cohering synergy with your title and seem just perfect to enter each other, then readers are often more ready to stop by than when it is otherwise. So with that being said your book cover design must have strong images that give flavor of the story in the book. If your title is talking irrelevant things, you can be sure that is a disaster.

6. Ability to avoid bad images

Sometimes, book cover design can veer off an audience from buying a book if it has very clumsy images. Clumsy images can make for a very terrible cover design and this is not good for the appearance of your book. This in a way gives an indication of a unprofessional author. It is not different from having too many adjectives or compounding adjuncts in a single sentence. That makes the sentence difficult to read and understand. Well-spaced images, when it becomes necessary to use more than one, make your book more appealing to read as it promotes neatness. This is general rule of all invincible books.

7. It must have the nod of design experts

There is a taste of what readers love to have on book covers. This is different entirely from what they wish to read. Inevitably, it is the author’s to create the desired story content but not the cover design. The latter is the perfect job for graphics designer or cover design artists. Once such experts affirm the fitness of a particular cover design, then that’s a professional standpoint. And professional nods are indications of product invincibility.

8. Ability to create a brand

With cover design, an author should aspire to create a brand for there books and themselves. A brand that reads into the author’s person and work. Ben Carson, the author of “Gifted Hands” and “Think Big” for example has been able to create a brand with his type of cover design. This quality influences and makes readers identify your work on the shelf and will always make readers want to grab it.

9. Cover design is the metaphor of the content

If the design is a direct representative of what content you are sending out, a reader will not only stop at reading that work but by extension convince others to read to read it too. By this token, having a design with similitude of quality with your story is a tested way to ensure invincibility of all of your published works. 

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