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9 book cover design mistakes that will cost you $1m over the next 10 years


Book covers speak a lot about what is inside the book. Designing a cover that accentuates the matter inside may be tricky but it is not rocket science. However most first-time authors end up making these mistakes which costs them more than they can imagine!

Mistake #1: Not realizing how important book cover designs are

You may spend years in developing your plot and writing your book. But it is of no use until you realize how important book cover designs are. Self-publishers take designing book covers lightly in order to save money. But sadly it is not the case so. Badly designed books do not sell and in the long run prove to be expensive.

Mistake #2: Taking advice of the non-experts

Self-publishers often make the mistake of taking advice from the people who know nothing about the design business. Before publishing and after completing the book, show your final product to the people working in the design industry. They will give you right feedback. With help of which you  can strategize your market plans.

Mistake #3: Not having the budget for paying book cover designers

A complete book is the fruit of patience, dedication and time-investment. You cannot let it all go in waste by not designing a proper book cover. After all it’s the book cover which makes the reader pick up the books from the shelves. Before you start writing you should keep aside a some money for hiring professional book cover designer.

Mistake #4: Not hiring a professionally competent copyeditor for your book cover

Self-publishing authors often make the mistake of not hiring a professional copyeditor for the content of your book cover. A shoddily edited cover with mismatched typography has no readers. It is necessary to hire an expert editor to edit the content of the cover so that there is no scope for flaws. After all writing and editing are two separate skills.

Hiring a copyeditor before publishing a book, helps you to save a lot of money in the future. A well written and crisply edited book and book cover rings in more profit. Badly edited books finds no buyers and costs you a lot.

Mistake #5: By designing your own book cover in self-publishing

Just because you have penned down the book does not mean you can put your hands into every aspect of publishing. Many of the authors design their own book thinking it will cut down their cost of production. But this is not the case always in the publication world. A badly designed self-published book does not have any takers. And in turn, you incur major sales loss.

A good book cover is as important as good content. Thus, a self-publisher needs to understand its importance and hire a professional in the beginning.

Mistake #6: By using the wrong image

The image used in your book cover plays a significant role in making your book a success. Irrelevant images will mislead your readers and will cause losses. No similar image to a bestseller book cover can guarantee your book success. Therefore it is very important to pay attention to the image used as your book cover and to make sure it’s unique along with eye-catching.

Self-publishing authors who make the mistake of using images that aren’t theirs may lead to copyright infringements, legal battles and money loss.

Mistake #7: By not paying attention to the back cover while writing book/ebook

As an author you should always think of the future and get your back cover designed. Pay attention to your book’s back cover design in the nascent stage. By doing so you will save extra costs of getting your book cover redesigned in case your book becomes a success and is printed.

You along with your book cover designer should check for any type of mismatched typography or bad editing. Readers choose a book to read by reading the excerpts. A badly edited or mismatched image or typography does not have a mass appeal. Design your book cover superbly so that you do not lose out on readers or sales.

Mistake #8: By designing book cover only for an ebook

Many authors these days just look at the immediate picture and publish books only as an eBook. Thinking they can cut down on the costs of production. But this initial low production cost is of no use in the future once your book becomes a hit. The image quality, design and typology used in the ebook cannot be used in paperbacks due to the difference in resolution and color models(eBooks=RGB and CMYK=print books). So save yourself the hassle and get them both done at once.

Mistake #9: Not having your contact credentials mentioned in your design

While writing book/ebook you should pay great attention to mentioning your contact details on the book cover design. You will never earn profits from self-publishing until your book does not attract new publishers. Have your email ID described effectively on the back-side, so that you receive mails from those who would like to get in touch with you.

Roles of a professional book cover designer include effective market research prior to designing and providing multiple design options.

Some other essential tips

  • The color scheme should reflect the mood of the content. For example, a romantic fiction novel may use light and bright shades like pink, yellow or blue. Light green and yellow can be a good choice for DIY and recipe books etc. Suspense and thrillers are more suited for dark colors like red and black.
  • The font style should be kept simple and minimalist. This is a safe choice as over the years some styles get outdated but a simple yet timeless font is Bebas or Open Sans.
  • If the author or cover designer wants to put an image-based cover then the image should be symbolic of a central theme like portrayal of the main protagonist. It can also be based on an important phrase or dialogue in the story. The idea is to leave an imprint in the mind of the reader.
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