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5 Book Cover Design Trends To Watch For in 2017


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Though many people don’t realize it, a book cover is really a work of art. It’s also a crucial part of any book’s marketing strategy, and is a visual representation of the story’s mood and tone. Unlike films, books don’t get film trailers or big billboards to capture the imagination of its audience. So the book cover design is extremely important and needs to appeal to your target market. Thankfully, current design trends make it easy to create a cover that readers will find appealing.

1. Prominent Text

Filling your book cover with very large text might seem like the easy way out, but that’s exactly what a lot of authors seem to be doing these days. Larger fonts eliminate the need for cover art, and if these fonts are appealing enough, people will feel inspired to read the cover. If you feel the strongest aspects of your book are its title and tagline, you can showcase that through text. Just make sure you’re using an appropriate font. For example, you wouldn’t use a fantasy font on a crime novel.

2. Minimalist Art Style

Highly detailed art looks beautiful on a wall at a museum, but it isn’t always necessary for the cover of your book. If your book is about art, that may be a good reason to go all out with your design. If it doesn’t, you can feel free to keep it simple. This is good news for authors who aren’t necessarily artistically inclined, or authors who self publish and don’t have the budget for an artist. You can take a few design courses online and learn everything you need to know to create your own minimalist book cover.

3. Sleek Color Palettes

Basic color schemes used to be the norm when it came to book covers. Why? Because color printing used to be more complex and more expensive before technology improved. This isn’t the case anymore, and it’s easy as well as inexpensive to create a book cover that utilizes rich colors. Pick a color palette that represents the mood or setting of your book. Colors evoke feelings, and using the right one can set the tone before a reader has even embarked on the first page.

4. Retro Themes

Everyone seems to be on a huge vintage kick lately. People are remembering why they loved the patterns and styles of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. They’re nostalgic, even for people who weren’t alive during those eras. If you want to keep it simple with a patterned background, selecting a vintage pattern will definitely catch a few pairs of eyes. These patterns eliminate the need for actual art without leaving your cover looking uninspired.

5. Single Focuses

If one small piece of art or a portrait of a single person is all you want, you’re already in the right place. People are cautious about going overboard with their designs, and that’s exactly why there are so many book covers that feature a single area of interest. If there is an object that’s important to your plot, showcasing that object on a plain background is an easy way to create a cover that will get the point across. As long as the single image is pleasant or compelling, people are going to want to look at it.

Current trends make it easy for authors to take cover design into their own hands. It’s not really as complicated as it may seem. All you need is a deep understanding of your story and the message you want to convey.

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